Thursday, November 03, 2005

Well, its now day 5 of this experiment. I didnt realize how many people were counting on me not to fail. I guess that gives me some comfort, as the temptation of eating food is growing by the day! Holy shit, I was so mad on my way to KC that I nearly got some Rotten Ronnies for lunch (aka McDonalds).

So I go get fingerprinted at the Lawrence PD. Lock my keys in the car. When asking for assistance from the Lawrence Police Dept, Im giving a hanger. They refused to help and they refused to call someone for me. F'n jerks. So I had to shell out $30 and have someone unlock my car for me after I walked to a store.....Yeah, thats not fun! And to top it off im hungry!

So, I haven't taken a crap again today. Thats about 4 days since I've really crapped. I wished I could post a picture of a corn shit, but apparently that is not going to happen! I dont know if my rectal chamber is holding all this corn then will suddenly explode causing all this buildup of corn to fly out my ass or not....Regardless, I do have gas though. I feel sorry for the saps sitting next to me in the computer lab right now :). Suckers.

This is day 5. I know at Midnight on Saturday (the 7th day) I could go out and eat, but I wont. I started late becuase I ate after midnight when it started, so it officially didnt begin until 10am on Sunday. So until Sunday when I go out for lunch for Sushi....I wont eat! Nothing but corn.

I introduced my roomate to popcorn with hot sauce. He proceeded to eat half of my dinner last night, then wanted me to make him more! Its bad enough Marc decided to chug the Tabasco sauce in a drunken rage, but now he wants to eat my food. not to mention the first thing he said to me yesterday was "man, I wished you could've eaten with us last night. I made the best steaks I've ever had." Yeah, well, I'll give you the best thumb in the eye I've ever done!

Im not in a bad mood....okay, I am :). But I am hungry today. I think my waistline may have shrunk a little bit. I havent really had any alcohol this week, but today is thursday. Sandbar! I may boil some corn on the cob tonight after I get home....mmm....corn.

One effect eating just corn has had, as it has dwindled my appetite slowly. The last three days, I have only eaten once a day. I think that is part of me being sick of corn already. After 2 days, I wanted nothing with it ever. However, I'll eat corn and be merry when I get home.

I'll repost when I get home.



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