Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So I went to work today. I haven't eaten, although the two bags of Kettle Corn last night was REALLY GOOD! Especially when you put Louisiana Hot Sauce. I've found out I'll get an additional $5 for completing this test.

As for the science of this test. I have this wierd feeling as though a crap is on the way. However, I'll be at work all afternoon, so I dont know what will happen. Some people are telling me im going to be crapping uncontrollably for the next few days. Some people have said I wont crap at all. some people say my crap will be funny looking....some say it will just be a normal crap. Well, I haven't crapped yet today. Come to think of it, its been a day or two since I can last remember letting one giant crap into the John.

Regardless, somethin' is a brewin the rectal chamber as we speak.

I havent eaten again today. I will after work. I didnt have time to prepare some corn before work. Ohh...just farted.

Kettle Corn tonight.....leftover corn as well. Milk to drink. mmmmm!

I was going to use tabasco sauce on my corn, but someone decided he would drink it all in a drunken rage saturday night......the hot sauce is good though.

Regardless, I want to eat something else so badly. I am halfway through this crapola of corn infested eating. Its only a matter of time!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:53 PM  
Blogger jendz said...

dude! too much info! too much info!!

pssst ... I have a new blog:

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Tim said...

Well alright! We're starting to get into the real part of the experiment where we'll expect to see some hypothesis proved and some disproved.

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow- this is so interesting and I dont even know who you are!!!! You can do it!!! Have you ever looked at have alot of recipes that might help your challenge!!! I sure hope that you dont fail becasue my entire workplace is watching and hoping for the best......crap that is.
Looking forward to more updates and PICTURES!!!! ;) Erica

11:20 AM  

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