Friday, November 04, 2005

Im at work, and its 6:15pm.....I havent eaten yet today, because I havent had a chance. Although someone gave me some hersheys kisses. I dared not eating them. I turned down chinese food today........I am so hungry. Im going to make some more popcorn after work, and enjoy a feast of unepic proportions. and play some playstation then drink. Who knows what. I got no plans tonight.

Other than eating corn.

This is the 6th sunset of me eating just corn. I have one more sunset then I can eat whatever I want. I'd sure hate to fail now. I can't fail. I must be strong still. Although my strength is waning. Im finding it harder because the temptation to just snack is there. I had a dream the first night that I cheated.......thats bad.

I may be J-Cheat, but I didnt cheat this week! WOOOOOO


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