Friday, November 04, 2005


Thats right.....first time in 4 days. And I finally did it at work, on the clock....Meaning, I just got paid to shit.

Unfortunately, there is no fancy picture of my poop. Although I wished I had one. I mean, this wasn't no fancy crap. I sat, I waited, some crap came out......I wiped, then flushed. It looked fairly normal, although it was a more yellowish-brown colored crap, unlike the traditional brown feces when you go. So, there was no corn, nothing. But, as I was walking out, I had to go again, so I sat back and I crapped what felt like (and looked like) a freaking cob of corn. That was uncomfortable. then I had to sit there in exhaustion. Crapping for the first time in four days is tiring, you know.

Although I dont expect to crap again. It took four days for that build up to happen. It wont be until Sunday night I crap again. although if I crap when im not at work, i'll photograph it.

But god, I am hungry....I mean, really hungry. I need to eat popcorn at lunch. with Louisiana Hot sauce. And corn on the cob grilled to perfection...mmmm.

I havent eaten creamed corn at all this week. I dont know if I will. something about it doesnt sound so good.


Anonymous debbie said...

Well, Congratulations on the crap! This has been very interesting reading, Jeremy. :)

12:11 PM  

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