Monday, October 31, 2005

Well, Im about to go eat my lunch for the day. Im going to make what I had yesterday with the corn on the Foreman Grill. For a second today, I thought of going to McDonalds. Then I remembered that I can't go, so I didnt........The other night I dreamed that I cheated on this, and was totally upset by it. Its effecting my life on all levels. I mean, I gotta go to school this week and NOT eat Go Chicken Go. Thats gonna suck.

However, as soon as I take a really nice crap, I'll post it on here. Im sure that is going to gross some people out, but thats the nature of the beast right?

Corn on the cob with Gates BBQ sauce is really good. I found that really enjoyable. So im going to have that again today. I dont know about dinner. But I sure think that Corn Chips should be allowed....or popcorn, cause that is "real corn." However, I agreed to just corn, so im going to live with it. I have a feeling come thursday Im going to be fasting the next few days.


Anonymous Debbie said...

I think you named it yourself. I like the "Weeklong Cornucopia of Feasts".

You may need some EX-LAX by the time the weeks over, though. LOL

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Popcorn has officially been okayed! Eat up, Clarkson.


6:44 PM  
Anonymous Tim said...

We're thinking popcorn may be allowed. I'll leave it up to you Corn King.

6:45 PM  

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