Wednesday, October 26, 2005

l haveThe Final meal will have to be in Saturday Night. What will it be? Oh, I dont know. Steak? McDonalds? Fries? Sushi?

Right now, that question is unknown. Maybe I'll go to Buffalo Wild Wings for some food and then go drink myself silly. I'll have to remember not to get the drunk munchies :).

Anyways, we're down to four days. Does anyone have any nice corn recipes I can try? Candy Corn and Pop Corn are taboo, as well as caseroles, mixing corn with stuff and whatnot. It has to be straight up corn, but I am under the belief some spices can be used, and I can cook it any way I want.

any Ideas?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you could try corn prepared in the following ways:
- baked
- grilled
- sauteed (can you use butter? if not then maybe some olive's drinkable)
- microwaved
- smoked

you could also stick some in a blender or food processor

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

p.s. -

get creative. the possibilities are, well, limited.

8:57 PM  

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