Wednesday, October 26, 2005


So, I've had a few people make some suggestions, questions, etc about this experiment. Obviously, Tim is the ultimate judge as to what is not allowed, so he may have to show up and post on this blog for me to refresh me the rules. Anyways, without further ado, your questions and comments after day 1 of the Blog!

1) Is there any special training one must do to get in shape for...dare I say...a weeklong cornucopia of feasts?

No, Im not training in any special way.....If you have any ideas, go ahead. Im just eating whaterver I can until I have to stop......I figure I'll probably eat a hotdog or a hamburger around 11:55pm on Saturday though, before it all begins, then let the family commence!

2)Make sure and let us know what you're planning for your last meal!

Yeah, I dont know. I haven't even thought of saturday. It may be some Buffalo Wild Wings, Sushi......or steak. Im still undecided, but I will let you know soon.

Wow, thats it. What a boring update this has been! Anyways, for anyone who is unsure, this is expected to last only one week. 7 days, eating nothing but corn, I get $20.....Does that mean if someone else throws out another $20, I'll eat corn a second week??? hmm.....We'll have to see if someone offers up that kind of cash :). But after two weeks, the premium for me eating corn for another week may go up! I have a feeling that im going to be sick of corn by tuesday. something tells me I may be fasting in the near future.....doubt it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy. Sharol knew I would think this was funny, and I do. (I was her roommate at Delmar for awhile). Good luck with your task. If you successfully complete a week of only corn, out of sheer admiration I will gift you with a check for five dollars. Any questions?
heidi harbin

7:58 AM  

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