Monday, October 31, 2005

Well, Im about to go eat my lunch for the day. Im going to make what I had yesterday with the corn on the Foreman Grill. For a second today, I thought of going to McDonalds. Then I remembered that I can't go, so I didnt........The other night I dreamed that I cheated on this, and was totally upset by it. Its effecting my life on all levels. I mean, I gotta go to school this week and NOT eat Go Chicken Go. Thats gonna suck.

However, as soon as I take a really nice crap, I'll post it on here. Im sure that is going to gross some people out, but thats the nature of the beast right?

Corn on the cob with Gates BBQ sauce is really good. I found that really enjoyable. So im going to have that again today. I dont know about dinner. But I sure think that Corn Chips should be allowed....or popcorn, cause that is "real corn." However, I agreed to just corn, so im going to live with it. I have a feeling come thursday Im going to be fasting the next few days.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I had my second meal of corn today......Corn on the cob. I made it on the Foreman Grill with Gates Sweet and Mild BBQ sauce. It was pretty damn tasty. I was going to have more, but now im full. So I may not.

One day down....6 to go. I've been pretty hungry today, so as soon as I can eat something else, Im going to splurge pretty bad.

I may have creamed corn tomorrow. But I dont know about that.
The Corn Challenge has begun! I dont have a catchy name for it, so we need a cool name.....oh well.

Anyways, I had my first official corn meal. I fried some corn with some spice and Louisiana Hot Sauce. It was good. Im freaking hungry though. I wish I could snack on food.....but I can only eat corn. This is hard! Im only hours into this and im already about to fail.

I know some of you are wondering what on earth is going on, and how can you tell im honest. Well, if I slip up, I'll announce it. For example, around 2 last night at the party I began to snack on chips. I know it had "officially" started, but I screwed up, so when I woke up I officially re-started it again. I can do that. Im Jeremy.

I consulted Tim about me restarting and he okay'd it. Some people have voiced their concerns of eating just corn. I will go buy some multivitamin pills for the week. So dont worry.

Go Chicken Go sounds REALLY good right now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


So, I've had a few people make some suggestions, questions, etc about this experiment. Obviously, Tim is the ultimate judge as to what is not allowed, so he may have to show up and post on this blog for me to refresh me the rules. Anyways, without further ado, your questions and comments after day 1 of the Blog!

1) Is there any special training one must do to get in shape for...dare I say...a weeklong cornucopia of feasts?

No, Im not training in any special way.....If you have any ideas, go ahead. Im just eating whaterver I can until I have to stop......I figure I'll probably eat a hotdog or a hamburger around 11:55pm on Saturday though, before it all begins, then let the family commence!

2)Make sure and let us know what you're planning for your last meal!

Yeah, I dont know. I haven't even thought of saturday. It may be some Buffalo Wild Wings, Sushi......or steak. Im still undecided, but I will let you know soon.

Wow, thats it. What a boring update this has been! Anyways, for anyone who is unsure, this is expected to last only one week. 7 days, eating nothing but corn, I get $20.....Does that mean if someone else throws out another $20, I'll eat corn a second week??? hmm.....We'll have to see if someone offers up that kind of cash :). But after two weeks, the premium for me eating corn for another week may go up! I have a feeling that im going to be sick of corn by tuesday. something tells me I may be fasting in the near future.....doubt it.

l haveThe Final meal will have to be in Saturday Night. What will it be? Oh, I dont know. Steak? McDonalds? Fries? Sushi?

Right now, that question is unknown. Maybe I'll go to Buffalo Wild Wings for some food and then go drink myself silly. I'll have to remember not to get the drunk munchies :).

Anyways, we're down to four days. Does anyone have any nice corn recipes I can try? Candy Corn and Pop Corn are taboo, as well as caseroles, mixing corn with stuff and whatnot. It has to be straight up corn, but I am under the belief some spices can be used, and I can cook it any way I want.

any Ideas?
It is Wednesday, October 26, 2005......In four days I begin the great Clarkson Corn Challenge. What is this challenge. Well, on a "hunch" I decided I would try to find out what exactly will happen if I eat Corn...and only corn, for one week.

Actually, Tim is giving me $20 for this. seven Days, $20.

This will be the place where you can track my journey of the week into eating just corn for one week. Nothing but corn. but I get to drink whatever I want. So, sit back, enjoy, and listen to my crazy stories within the next week!