Sunday, November 06, 2005

Well, im sure you are wondering why I never posted on Saturday. Sorry, I was at the game....and I was drinking...a lot.

Regardless, despite the beer and despite the mass amounts of food in my face, I survived the day on a box of....popcorn.

Yes, I have successfully gone a whole week eating just corn.

To sum up a whole week of corn eating, I will document further trails through the week of eating. This morning I took another crap. It wasn't much and it hurt on the way out. However, about an hour ago I took my second (yes, my second) crapola of the night. That crap was watery, smelly, green and laced with corn remains....I took a picture of it with my cell phone :)

For my first meal, I went to KoKoRo, where I had some sushi....seaweed salad, Kari Tofu.....And a couple rolls. So good. Then I took my nephew to Buffalo Wild Wings on his first ever excursion good. However, eating too much is tough. I couldn't eat much tonight.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Im at work, and its 6:15pm.....I havent eaten yet today, because I havent had a chance. Although someone gave me some hersheys kisses. I dared not eating them. I turned down chinese food today........I am so hungry. Im going to make some more popcorn after work, and enjoy a feast of unepic proportions. and play some playstation then drink. Who knows what. I got no plans tonight.

Other than eating corn.

This is the 6th sunset of me eating just corn. I have one more sunset then I can eat whatever I want. I'd sure hate to fail now. I can't fail. I must be strong still. Although my strength is waning. Im finding it harder because the temptation to just snack is there. I had a dream the first night that I cheated.......thats bad.

I may be J-Cheat, but I didnt cheat this week! WOOOOOO

Thats right.....first time in 4 days. And I finally did it at work, on the clock....Meaning, I just got paid to shit.

Unfortunately, there is no fancy picture of my poop. Although I wished I had one. I mean, this wasn't no fancy crap. I sat, I waited, some crap came out......I wiped, then flushed. It looked fairly normal, although it was a more yellowish-brown colored crap, unlike the traditional brown feces when you go. So, there was no corn, nothing. But, as I was walking out, I had to go again, so I sat back and I crapped what felt like (and looked like) a freaking cob of corn. That was uncomfortable. then I had to sit there in exhaustion. Crapping for the first time in four days is tiring, you know.

Although I dont expect to crap again. It took four days for that build up to happen. It wont be until Sunday night I crap again. although if I crap when im not at work, i'll photograph it.

But god, I am hungry....I mean, really hungry. I need to eat popcorn at lunch. with Louisiana Hot sauce. And corn on the cob grilled to perfection...mmmm.

I havent eaten creamed corn at all this week. I dont know if I will. something about it doesnt sound so good.
Its friday....its day 6. I haven't crapped yet today, but I feel stronger that something is coming out today. although I am at work, so I cant photograph it.

Drank some beer yesterday.....ate some more corn. Still haven't eaten anything but corn so i am getting really freaking hungry now. I mean, I am really really hungry. The next two days are going to be the hardest, but dammit....I can do it......

Im hungry....and im at work. Its my last day at my job.....Im hungry. But I got good news.

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Well, its now day 5 of this experiment. I didnt realize how many people were counting on me not to fail. I guess that gives me some comfort, as the temptation of eating food is growing by the day! Holy shit, I was so mad on my way to KC that I nearly got some Rotten Ronnies for lunch (aka McDonalds).

So I go get fingerprinted at the Lawrence PD. Lock my keys in the car. When asking for assistance from the Lawrence Police Dept, Im giving a hanger. They refused to help and they refused to call someone for me. F'n jerks. So I had to shell out $30 and have someone unlock my car for me after I walked to a store.....Yeah, thats not fun! And to top it off im hungry!

So, I haven't taken a crap again today. Thats about 4 days since I've really crapped. I wished I could post a picture of a corn shit, but apparently that is not going to happen! I dont know if my rectal chamber is holding all this corn then will suddenly explode causing all this buildup of corn to fly out my ass or not....Regardless, I do have gas though. I feel sorry for the saps sitting next to me in the computer lab right now :). Suckers.

This is day 5. I know at Midnight on Saturday (the 7th day) I could go out and eat, but I wont. I started late becuase I ate after midnight when it started, so it officially didnt begin until 10am on Sunday. So until Sunday when I go out for lunch for Sushi....I wont eat! Nothing but corn.

I introduced my roomate to popcorn with hot sauce. He proceeded to eat half of my dinner last night, then wanted me to make him more! Its bad enough Marc decided to chug the Tabasco sauce in a drunken rage, but now he wants to eat my food. not to mention the first thing he said to me yesterday was "man, I wished you could've eaten with us last night. I made the best steaks I've ever had." Yeah, well, I'll give you the best thumb in the eye I've ever done!

Im not in a bad mood....okay, I am :). But I am hungry today. I think my waistline may have shrunk a little bit. I havent really had any alcohol this week, but today is thursday. Sandbar! I may boil some corn on the cob tonight after I get home....mmm....corn.

One effect eating just corn has had, as it has dwindled my appetite slowly. The last three days, I have only eaten once a day. I think that is part of me being sick of corn already. After 2 days, I wanted nothing with it ever. However, I'll eat corn and be merry when I get home.

I'll repost when I get home.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So I went to work today. I haven't eaten, although the two bags of Kettle Corn last night was REALLY GOOD! Especially when you put Louisiana Hot Sauce. I've found out I'll get an additional $5 for completing this test.

As for the science of this test. I have this wierd feeling as though a crap is on the way. However, I'll be at work all afternoon, so I dont know what will happen. Some people are telling me im going to be crapping uncontrollably for the next few days. Some people have said I wont crap at all. some people say my crap will be funny looking....some say it will just be a normal crap. Well, I haven't crapped yet today. Come to think of it, its been a day or two since I can last remember letting one giant crap into the John.

Regardless, somethin' is a brewin the rectal chamber as we speak.

I havent eaten again today. I will after work. I didnt have time to prepare some corn before work. Ohh...just farted.

Kettle Corn tonight.....leftover corn as well. Milk to drink. mmmmm!

I was going to use tabasco sauce on my corn, but someone decided he would drink it all in a drunken rage saturday night......the hot sauce is good though.

Regardless, I want to eat something else so badly. I am halfway through this crapola of corn infested eating. Its only a matter of time!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I have now successfully completed three days of eating nothing but corn. Last night, after I ran out of corn on the cobb, I fried up some corn on the stove. It wasn't bad. I have half of it left in my fridge right now.

So, here's a rundown of my is how you can see how badly this is affecting me!

I woke up around 11:30....niec and early. Hey, I dont work today, nor do I work much. So, what do I care? I got up and got al ittle hungry. however, I didnt want to eat corn! You have no idea how tempting a simple slice of bread is! So, naturally, being my dumb self, just didnt eat. I went to class around 3:30. I thought of Go Chicken Go I missed Gizzards and wished that they were able to be eaten by me. However, I resisted, since I had no cash :).

When I left class, I saw my roomate Marc had called. I got so worred, that he was going to ask me to bring him home some Go Chicken Go....Luckily he wanted to see what was up. I stopped at Hyvee on my way home. I got some Chef Boyardee Spaghetti, Corn on the Cob, Kettle Corn and 1/2 price Halloween Candy! I know most of what I bought I can't eat until sunday, but Im stalking up! WOOOO!

So, I've taken no major "corn shit" yet, but soon as I do, im taking a photo. I expect the second half of the week to wield those results.

I thought maybe doing this for a second week......well, maybe not. Perhaps doing this for 2 weeks in a few months. Would anyone want to see that? Who would be willing to front the cash if I do? Or something. All I know, is Sushi Station on Sunday is sounding REALLY GOOD!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Well, Im about to go eat my lunch for the day. Im going to make what I had yesterday with the corn on the Foreman Grill. For a second today, I thought of going to McDonalds. Then I remembered that I can't go, so I didnt........The other night I dreamed that I cheated on this, and was totally upset by it. Its effecting my life on all levels. I mean, I gotta go to school this week and NOT eat Go Chicken Go. Thats gonna suck.

However, as soon as I take a really nice crap, I'll post it on here. Im sure that is going to gross some people out, but thats the nature of the beast right?

Corn on the cob with Gates BBQ sauce is really good. I found that really enjoyable. So im going to have that again today. I dont know about dinner. But I sure think that Corn Chips should be allowed....or popcorn, cause that is "real corn." However, I agreed to just corn, so im going to live with it. I have a feeling come thursday Im going to be fasting the next few days.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I had my second meal of corn today......Corn on the cob. I made it on the Foreman Grill with Gates Sweet and Mild BBQ sauce. It was pretty damn tasty. I was going to have more, but now im full. So I may not.

One day down....6 to go. I've been pretty hungry today, so as soon as I can eat something else, Im going to splurge pretty bad.

I may have creamed corn tomorrow. But I dont know about that.
The Corn Challenge has begun! I dont have a catchy name for it, so we need a cool name.....oh well.

Anyways, I had my first official corn meal. I fried some corn with some spice and Louisiana Hot Sauce. It was good. Im freaking hungry though. I wish I could snack on food.....but I can only eat corn. This is hard! Im only hours into this and im already about to fail.

I know some of you are wondering what on earth is going on, and how can you tell im honest. Well, if I slip up, I'll announce it. For example, around 2 last night at the party I began to snack on chips. I know it had "officially" started, but I screwed up, so when I woke up I officially re-started it again. I can do that. Im Jeremy.

I consulted Tim about me restarting and he okay'd it. Some people have voiced their concerns of eating just corn. I will go buy some multivitamin pills for the week. So dont worry.

Go Chicken Go sounds REALLY good right now.